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1953 ГАЗ 69

GAZ -69

Seats number - 5 people or 2+500kg
Curb weight – 1,525 kg
Dimensions – 3,850х1,850х2,030 mm
Gross weight – 2,175 kg
Engine - carburetor, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke
Engine power - 55 hp at 3,600 rev / min
Maximum speed - 90 km / h
Fuel consumption – 14 l/100 km at the speed 30-40 km/h
Manufacture years - 1953-1955

GAZ-69 (GAZ-69А) (“KOZLIK”, “GAZIK”) is a Soviet off-highway passenger car. It was manufactured from 1951 till 1972.
Its serial production began on the 25th of August in 1953. It was produced at the plant GAZ till 1956 later the production was completely transferred to Ulyanovsk to the former ULZIS, which assembled the trucks ZIS-5B during the War, and one-and-a half-ton truck GAZ-MM-B at the end of the 1940ies. When the GAZ-69 started to be produced, the enterprise was renamed into Ulyanovskiy Avtomobilniy Zavod - UAZ (Ulyanosk automobile plant). Like preceding Gorky “jeeps” (GAZ-64, GAZ-67, GAZ-67B), GAZ-69 was called “KOZLIK” by people.
From the very beginning the vehicle was produced in two version modifications: GAZ-69 with a two-door eight-seat body (six people on longitudinal three-seat benches, a drop backboard) and agricultural (command) GAZ-69A with a four-door five-seat body with a comfortable three-place back seat.

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