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1932 ГАЗ А


Seats number -4-5 people
Curb weight – 1,810 kg
Dimensions – 3,875х1,710х1,755
Wheelbase – 2,630 mm
Engine - carburetor, 4-cylinder
Engine power - 40 hp at 2,400 rev / min
Maximum speed - 95 km / h
Fuel consumption – 12 l/100 km
Manufacture years - 1932-1936


GAZ-А is a medium car with an open 5-seat 4-door body of a phaeton type. It is a license copy of the Ford-A, the equipment and production documents on which were bought by the Soviet government in the USA in 1929 from Ford Motor Company.[1][2]

The first passenger car of a mass line assembly was manufactured from 1932 till 1936 at Gorky automobile plant and from 1933 till 1935 at Moscow plant KIM. The first two cars were assembled on the 8 of December in 1932. Altogether there were 41, 917 cars produced.

• The construction of the car is frame, the frame consists of two frame rails, linked with intermediate members.
• The clutch is single-disk, dry.
• The gearbox is three-speed, three forward speeds and one back speed.
• The rear drive is a pair of conical spiral gears. The final drive gear ratio is 3.77[4].
• Both the front suspension and the rear suspension are conventional, by cross springs with 4 rotary vane-type single-acting shock absorbers.
• The tires are of 5.50-16 inches, the wheels are with three-row metal spokes.
• The brakes are drum with a power transmission. The parking brake is contracting-band on the rear axle.
• The turning radius is 5.5 m.
The GAZ-A took part in the automobile race Moscow-Кara Kum- Moscow (1933) and successfully covered more than 9.5 thousand kilometers.

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