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1932 ГАЗ AA


Payload -1,500 kg
Curb weight – 1,810 kg
Dimensions – 5,335х 2,040х 1,970
Track: front – 1,405 mm, back – 1,600 mm
Engine – 4-stroke, carburetor, 4-cylinder
Engine power – 42 hp at 2,800 rev/ min
Maximum speed – 70 km/h
Manufacture years – 1932-1946


GAZ-АА (one-and-a half-ton truck) is a lorry of Nizhegorodskiy (in 1932), later Gorky automobile plant with the payload of 1.5 ton (1,500 kg), famous as a one-and-a half-ton truck. Initially it represented a license copy of an American Ford-AA model of the year 1929 sample, but it was afterwards continually modernized.
The first production GAZ-AA rolled off the production line of Nizhegorodskiy automobile plant (NAZ) on the 29th of January in 1931. Already by the end of the year the plant, renamed after the city into Gorky automobile one, produced 60 GAZ-AA trucks per day. As distinguished from an American Ford of AA model, the clutch housing and the steering gear of the Soviet GAZ-AA were strengthened, an air filter was fixed, etc., as well as a dropped side body was projected according to the Soviet drawings in 1930. GAZ-AA had been entirely assembled out of the Soviet components since 1933. Till 1934 the cabin was made of wood and pressed board, and then it was replaced by a metal cabin with a fabric roof.

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