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1991 Porsche 968

Porsche 968

Year of manufacture – 1991
Engine – 4-Zyl.Boxer
Engine capacity – 2,990 cc
Horsepower – 240 hp ( kW)
Full speed – km/h

Porsche 968 is a sporting car, produced by German concern Porsche from 1991 till 1995. This auto is the last representative of the line, started in 1976 from the production of the model Porsche 924 and continued in 1982 – 1991 by the model Porsche 944. Porsche 968 had about 20% of common parts with its precedent model 944 some of them were also compatible with Porsche 924.
This handmade model-section was created by the students in the training center Zuffenhausen. It makes possible to view in the best way the construction of a new Porsche in the assembled condition – a unit with a mounted front engine and six-speed gearbox (TIPTRONIC) behind it and other structural mechanized.

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