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2006 Porsche 997 Carrera Polizei Car

Porsche 997 Carrera

Year of manufacture – 2006
Engine – 6-Zyl.Boxer
Engine capacity – 3,600 cc
Horsepower – 325 hp (239 kW)
Full speed – km/h

There were almost 50, 000 km on the speedometer of this Carrera, when the company Porsche Austria provided it to the police, and the police operated it from May till October 2006. During this period many racers were taught to be afraid. However there was one drawback. This expensive police car (95,000 Euros), employed as a patrol vehicle, in the absence of room could not block off traffic in those areas, where it was necessary to fix pillars. Moreover, such Sport Coupe was too expensive for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
That is why this unique police PORSCHE was acquired by the family of Pfeifhofer and found its rightful place in the automobile museum Pfeifhofer in Gmünd.

Porsche 997 is an auto of the car model Porsche, produced from 2004 till 2011. The car replaced Porsche 996.
In 2004 the line 997 substituted for the line Porsche 996, presented in July. 997 got a basic profile from 996 (having reduced aerodynamic drag coefficient of the auto down to 0.28), but with the lines from Porsche 993. Over and above, a new fore carriage reminds of the older generation with traditional headlights “bug’s eyes”, the interior was improved as well with the use of the tailored lines of the preceding generations, at the same time it looked original and present-day. New 997 inherited less than one third of the total parts number from 996, but according to the technical characteristics they remained very close to the previous line. Initially two versions of 997 were represented — rear-driven Carrera and Carrera S. The basic Carrera produced 325 PS (239 kW) with its opposed 6-cylinder 3.6 l engine, more powerful Carrera S with 3.8 l engine (also opposed 6-cylinder) produced 355 PS (261 kW). And beside that more powerful Carrera S had 19-inch «Lobster fork» wheels, more powerful and big brakes, more sporting suspension compatible with PASM (actively controlled suspension Porsche), which makes possible to perform an electronic tuning of the suspension, xenon headlamps and a sports steering wheel.

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