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1964 Porsche 356 C/2000 GS Carrera

Porsche 356 C/2000 GS-Carrera

Year of manufacture – 1964
Engine – 4-Zyl.Boxer
Engine capacity – 1,966 cc
Horsepower – 155 hp (113 kW)
Full speed – 210 km/h

Porsche 356 is the first auto of the celebrated German firm Porsche. Quick and responsive two-door Porsche 356 was a rear-driven, rear-engine sports car, made in two configurations — with a hardtop or retractable top. Innovative developments continued for years, contributing to the successes in the motor racing and the popularity growth of the trade mark. The manufacturing began in 1948 in the town of Gmund, Austria, where there were produced about 50 cars. In 1950 the plant was re-located to Stuttgart, Germany; the main production of model 356 continued till April 1965, when its place was occupied by model 911, represented in autumn 1963. At a rough estimate about a half of the manufactured 76, 000 cars Porsche 356 still remain till now.

The last version of the model line-up 356 became Porsche 356C of 1964 year of manufacture. It distinguished itself by disc brakes in addition to the most powerful engine ever produced by the company Porsche — 95 horse power. The quantity peak of the assembled cars took place in 1964 — 14, 151 autos were made. In the same year the follower of the model Porsche 911 was represented at the car market in the USA (model 911 was introduced in Europe a little earlier). The company kept selling 356C till 1965 so far the demand for it remained still quite high, even at the beginning of the epoch of Porsche 911.

This particular car is in a very good state. The speedometer shows 53, 547 km performance. The engine Carrera was constructed by the group under the leadership of Prof. Dr. ERNST FUHRMANN. 84 pieces were produced, provided that there are only five samples at work all over the world.

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