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At the end of the 1950s, Salvador Claret, buy a car Ford Model T 1923, in a State of very acceptable use; However, it disassembles completely, adjusts his mechanics and painted it black. The Ford again had its best appearance and Salvador Claret, starts to use it to move normally.

At the beginning of 1959, a group of amateur era car, decided jointly with tourism promotion, Sitges, organize which would be the first rally Barcelona - Sitges, in which inscribira his Ford Model T.
The success of this test encourages Mr. Claret who decides to acquire other cars. For this reason, is now selling his Ford Model T and purchase in a short time a Switzerland Hispano, a Rolls Royce, a Salmson and a Fiat.
In 1961, is exposed for the first time in Barcelona, in the Palacio de la Virreina, a sample of old cars, where there already are several cars his exhibition.

With these cars, decides to participate in different tests outside our borders, including the rally Brussels Paris Madrid, where can be seen the respect and appreciation that give the car of time different European collectors. This new vision, further encouraged him to continue buying old cars. During the 1970s, continued buying cars: Packard, Alfa Romeo, Bugatti, Minerva, Voisin etc. are coming to Sils to swell the Fund of your Col.lecció.

Its founder, Salvador Claret i Naspleda (1909-1984), deserves to be regarded as one of the first Spanish protectors in the conservation of its technical heritage. The amount of recovered automotive material either in which collaborated in his quest or recovery, is perhaps the work more important on this subject held in Spain.

Not only his work was search, because he collaborated with the historian car the Joaquim Ciuró i Gabarró, in order to publish and distribute his work history of the automobile in Spain, which will be as the first book published on the history of the Spanish racing and where the author defines Mr. Claret as liberator of the dismantling of innumerable ancient vehiclesindefatigable collector and promoter in Spain of this kind of reverent worship to the car in time. Today the Col.lecció, is part as Museum Collaborator of the Tecnic System of Museu Nacional de la Ciència i de la Tècnica de Catalunya (mNACTEC).



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Интересная подборка экспонатов. Особенно порадовала информация про редкие испанские автомобили. Пополнил свою копилку знаний. Не думал, что в Испании есть такие огромные частные музеи.

Андрей Ваков, Russia

la colección de automobiles es variada y extensa, quizas se puede mejorar la iluminación, pero si te gustan los coches vale la pena visitarlos.

Joan C, Spain

Una de las mejores colecciones de automóviles y motocicletas antíguas de España. Dispone de piezas únicas, exquisitamente conservadas y/o restauradas. Podemos ver la mayor recopilación de vehículos fabricados en España: Hispano Suiza, Pegaso, Ideal, Ricart, etc. etc., incluso alguna pieza única. Realmente interesante y digno de ver. Las instalaciones, merecerían ser mejores para ubicar semejante cantidad de joyas.

Pelforioc, Spain

Thoroughly cherry-picked and cherished collection of cars and motorbikes which serves as a perfect demonstration of the historical development of Catalan driving culture - from early XXth century till 80s. Almost every car tells the story about the Catalan excitement about motoring and racing. There are some cars built by local makers that just have gone forever and can be hardly found somewhere else. Definitely worth a stop if you're on your way from Barcelona to France or spending your holidays at Costa Brava resorts. Both kids and parents will be charmed with classic vehicles from that beautiful era when all cars had their strong and unique personalities.

Parabell, Russia

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